If your organization is trying to grow in a highly competitive information technology market, the use of executive recruiters to find quality people can be your best bet. Just consider that many of the world’s biggest IT companies, such as Google, Microsoft and more, actively pursue candidates through smart staffing initiatives and the use of superior recruiting firms. The reasons why the best IT companies use executive recruiters are varied depending on their goals, however this just makes overall good business sense.

A recent article on The Ladders talked about this from a case standpoint, detailing the advantages of using executive recruiters. Arthur Mandell, an executive vice president and managing director of Equilease, talked about the benefits of using executive recruiters over a 25-year span of business. Mandell said he generally leans on recruiters when evaluating job candidates. This is an added bonus of working with executive recruiters – having the ability to use their many years of expertise and people skills to get the root of candidates.

Mandell further went on to say, “I would ask them [recruiters] to find out more about certain points, how they would benefit the business, or about things in their background [career] I don’t understand” It is this key benefit that can help any IT company better screen and evaluate candidates to ensure they have the skills and ability to handle the requirements of each job role. You won’t experience this insight from merely reading through resumes.

Additionally, the use of executive recruiters to staff IT assignments is a more cost effective means for getting people on board efficiently. Instead of spending weeks trying to advertise, review resumes, and interview candidates – an IT recruiter usually has access to a wide range of candidates who fit the need sooner. There are also advantages of having a team of recruiters whose only focus is on staffing your company to make sure you have the personnel to make it happen. No HR department can handle that alone, as there are too many other aspects of managing people once they are on board.

It’s clear that the best way to manage your IT staffing needs and grow your business is to partner with a trusted IT recruiting firm like TempStaff.  We invite you to follow us on Facebook !


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