Did you know that rewarding short-term employees is just as important to keep productivity high as it is for the long term members of your team? Whether you’re hiring temps for seasonal work, to fill temporary employee absences, or just need someone to fill in a position while a new department is created, it’s a good idea to know some ways to positively influence the work environment for these short-term employees as well.

Here are 5 incentive ideas for your temps:

Reward Small Achievements

Since short-term employees won’t have the same goals as your permanent staff it’s important to recognize short-term goals. You can do simple things like offer small gift cards for those who clock in and out on time every day for a week. If you work in retail this won’t always be possible, so be flexible on the idea. Think of things that people take for granted but end up lowering productivity and set up small rewards for those who stick to the routine.

Flex Time Benefits

Long-term and permanent employees will have vacation time and other benefits that the short-term people won’t be eligible for. It’s a nice touch and a great reward to offer time off when certain goals are met. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time. You can set up small increments of time that can be taken in blocks once they are earned. Even just offering 15 minutes of free time for each 4 hour shift worked can add up to the employee being able to come in an hour later or leaving an hour earlier when it’s important to them.

Productivity Rewards

The goal of running a business is to be successful. Without great productivity from your staff this can become a nightmare. Make it beneficial for the short-term people to work hard by offering rewards based on productivity. Small contests every day to see who can make the most sales or get the most leads will lead to a staff that is focused on making the business work for you. Rewards for the contest winners don’t have to be huge either. A gift card to a local restaurant or extra time on a lunch break is a great incentive that won’t cost a lot of money.


Employees love going in to work to find a free ice cream social waiting for them. Plan small events like this every couple of weeks to keep morale high. Pizza parties, catered sandwiches, free coffee and pastries are just a few things you can offer at a low cost while staying meaningful. You don’t have to announce the events either. This just makes everyone feel valued at work. Just be sure you have something nice in place for the employees who aren’t able to make it to work on the surprise day.

Financial Incentive Plans

Permanent employees may be able to enjoy profit sharing benefits that the short-term employees won’t. To make up for this you can offer incentive plans tailored to the short-term bunch. If they receive a small percentage of all sales they contributed to over a quarter they will be much more motivated to work harder.

Need more tips for improving workplace productivity, and raising employee morale for your temps? Get in touch with the career experts at TempStaff today!

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