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Joining a temporary staffing agency can be the single-most positive way to find work in today’s uncertain job market. By registering with a reputable staffing agency, you are automatically connected to a wide range of opportunities and companies looking for quality candidates just like you. Think of a staffing agency as a gateway to a better career path.

However, working with a temp agency is a little bit different from taking a job outright – there are some “rules” that you must follow in order to be successful. Be sure to review this handy list of Do’s and Don’ts to make your foray into temp work a success.

Do – Take the time to register with 1-3 top staffing agencies

While it’s not a great idea to register with every single staffing company in town, doing a little bit of research to find the best agencies will make all the difference later on. The best temp staffing companies are those that area companies turn to repeatedly for high quality assignments. A staffing agency is providing a valuable service to job seekers; therefore it’s ok to shop around for the best agencies that can meet your needs. Otherwise, you may end up with poor assignments and infrequent calls for work.

Don’t – Register for work with every staffing company on the block

Getting a job is not a numbers game and not all staffing companies can offer you the types of assignments you want. Focus in on the temp agencies that provide assignments in the areas you wish to work, such as administrative, labor or technical fields. This is how you will increase your chances of getting a job with a company you love and a position you can make a long-term career out of.

Do – Keep in touch with the recruiter at your staffing agency

One of the mistakes that many temp workers make is forgetting to keep in communication with the recruiter at the staffing agency. Each recruiter is assigned to you especially for the purpose of helping you get matched up with a great assignment. Take the time to keep in communication and provide updates for your recruiter by making a call to him or her at least once a week.

Don’t – Badmouth any temp agency or ruin an assignment

Keep in mind that staffing recruiters can and do talk to one another, so if you have a poor experience at one agency this information can travel to other agencies. If you find that you are not getting on well with one particular recruiter, ask to be assigned to a different person, or move on all together with. Never speak negatively or refuse to show up for an assignment as this information will travel to other agencies, and you’ll never get hired again. Be positive, punctual and professional at all times.

Do- Brush up on your skills for free at the temp agency

Feel like your skills are getting a little rusty? No problem! Most staffing agencies offer all kinds of free training opportunities, such as resume and interview support, general work skills training, and internship access. Ask about this when you register for work, and make it a point to take advantage of this service while you look for career opportunities so you’ll be ready when the call comes.

Don’t – Report to the assignment unprepared

One of the biggest no-no’s of temping is showing up late for an assignment or being unprepared for the work itself. Before you accept any temp assignment, get all the details such as what time you should report, what you should wear (including what kind of personal safety attire), and what the working conditions may be. Bring a packed lunch for the day, a notepad a pen, plus your timesheet to be signed by the onsite manager.

Do – Dress for success in your temp assignment

Whenever you get called for a temp assignment, be sure to dress appropriately for the assignment itself. For example, wear business attire for an office job, or slacks and a shirt for a warehouse job. Never show up in flip-flop sandals, beat up jeans, or clothes that are too tight or revealing. Remember, you want to give a great lasting impression, not a last one.

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