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As we move forward with technology, our job search options must move forward as well. What may have worked for you 15 years ago will get you little response today. There are countless job search techniques available to anyone. If you forget about what worked yesterday and focus on today, you’ll be much more successful. The jobs are out there. You just have to know how to get noticed.

Here are some outdated job search techniques that may be hurting your chances of getting hired.

Applying Solely Online for Jobs

Applying for jobs online is quickly becoming outdated. It’s a hard concept for many to accept. The problem is that so many people go online to apply for jobs that you end up getting lost in a sea with hundreds of other faceless people. The only thing the employers have to look at is the application itself.  In order to stand out and get ahead, figure out who does the hiring at this company and send them an email or make a quick phone call. You need to remain professional but stand out at the same time.

Quantity vs. Quality Job Search Techniques

An old school of thought- send out dozens of applications and someone will eventually bite. However, all this does is force you to send out more than a few mediocre applications to dozens of companies you know nothing about. Instead, focus on just a handful of jobs that you really want, and then research. Write cover letters and make resumes that are relevant and specific to the companies you are applying for. The quality of one resume to one employer goes a lot further than dozens of so-so resumes to dozens of employers. Write a different cover letter for every company you apply for. Simply swapping out a few words to try to customize it is not enough. Including company specific information in each cover letter shows the potential employer that you did your homework. The attention to detail this early on leaves a great impression and increases your odds of getting an interview.

Focusing Only on Yourself

Applying for a job used to entail talk of you and nothing else. You would tell them about your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, your hobbies and what you can bring. Employers are getting where they want to hear more about themselves. This means telling them what makes them a great fit with you. The focus needs to shift from one of personal accomplishments to how you can help the company succeed. You don’t need to feel like a cog in the wheel, but essentially this is what employers are looking for today.

Using One Searching Technique

Many people make the mistake of using just one technique when searching for jobs. With the technology available at your fingertips it would be foolish to stop at just one. Use several different techniques and methods to find the perfect job for you. Take advantage of the networking opportunities that social network has created. Set up a blog and include contact information for potential employers. You’d be surprised at how many people have been successful using these non-traditional methods of job hunting.

Making Assumptions About Hiring Practices

Assuming that no one hires around the holidays is a long time assumption that can leave you without a job. Many people wait until January to begin searching for work. If you do this too you’ll be just a nameless face in a sea of other job hunters. When you keep your search going through December you are putting yourself ahead of everybody else. Hiring managers will have more time to pour over resumes during the holidays as their workloads slow down.

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