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Did you know that with just a few inexpensive employee wellness benefits, your company can seriously reduce the number of expensive workers’ compensation claims? Preventing employee injury and illness should be at the top of the HR list of priorities, because both of these scenarios cost organizations big bucks. An employee wellness program can provide access to healthful benefits and options that can help employees lead better lives on and off the job.

When it comes to reducing the number of workers’ compensation claims in an average workplace, preventative care, which includes access to employee wellness support, can pay off in a big way. A recent study sponsored by the American Journal of Health Promotion, showed that even a small intervention such as a Web-based wellness program, can make a major difference. The savings can add up to hundreds of dollars in prevented workers’ compensation cases, lost days at work and more.

While it’s imperative that all workplaces include the safety component to avoid employee injuries, those that experience high numbers of workers’ compensation claims should add an employee wellness benefit program. Employees who are overworked physically and mentally are much more prone to being injured on the job. This applies to all types of work, from office jobs to manufacturing and field work. Employees can easily experience injuries or accidents simply from body strain and fatigue – two symptoms of poor lifestyle habits.

One of the first signs of trouble in a work environment is that of excessive tardiness and absenteeism. This can often be a signal that employees are unhappy and stressed out. A workplace that includes healthy outlets for stress and resources for employee emotional well-being naturally produces happier and more productive employees. More productive employees translate to more profits. It’s a win-win-situation for companies that are used to dealing with sick or hurt employees, and repeat cases of workers’ compensation, which drive insurance rates sky high.

An employee wellness program does not have to be costly in order to be effective at combating cases of workers’ compensation. In many cases, these programs are very inexpensive and some are even paid for by employees themselves. Wellness programs can cost pennies in compared to health insurance premiums, therefore they appeal to the greater masses. Additionally, if a company wants to provide an employee benefits program on a budget, a nice discount to a local fitness center can be a nice perk with no upfront costs whatsoever.

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