Did you know that you can use personal branding to help you create a more streamlined resume and get a job offer sooner? The big advertising companies use branding to stand out in the market. By applying the same principles, you can create a real buzz about what you offer to employers and land a great new job. Learn more about personal branding and what it can do for your job search here!

Personal branding is becoming an effective method for job seekers to rise above the sea of job candidates in a unique way. By taking advantage of free and low cost marketing resources, you too can develop your own personal brand. You can do this simply by identifying both your strengths and your passions as they relate to your career goals.

Start by writing a list of what makes you better or different from others in your field. Then narrow down your list to the top three marketable skills that employers will be looking for. For example, you may be a good communicator, have excellent problem-solving skills, and have earned a specific area of expertise. Use this as a place to start building your unique personal brand.

The second part of a personal brand is your passion. This is from your personal side and is your life theme. Choose something that describes in an image what you are all about. For example, you may love to write, so an image of a quill pen may be a good theme for you. Remember to relate your passions to your ultimate career goals.

Once you have your personal brand developed, it’s time to create a resume that’s consistent with this image of yourself. Get your resume out and start highlighting the areas that speak to your personal brand. Delete or edit the areas that have nothing to do with your personal brand. Create a summary statement that includes the top three skills you posses, and word it as a verbal representation of your personal brand.

As you work through the re-write of your personally branded resume, be sure to keep the entire document as consistent as possible by including your achievements in every job role you have ever had. Then include your educational and industry experience to further support this personal brand. Finish off with a great cover letter that directly speaks to your expertise.

To tie your personal brand in with your resume package, get personal calling cards (similar to business cards) made up with a nice logo and include a short, but succinct catch phrase about your theme. Use this whenever you are interviewing or mailing out resumes for new work opportunities. This will help you stand out from other job seekers, and make a positive lasting impression on hiring managers. By creating your personal brand, you are well on your way to landing your dream job!

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