When interviewing a candidate, everything matters from the way the person presents him or herself to the way they greet you. Yet, nothing is more important than the way your questions are answered. If you are asking the same interview questions you have been asking for the last ten years, it may be time to reevaluate what you are actually asking and what you are getting from it.

Take a look at some of the various types of behavioral interview questions. Then, determine if you are asking these during your job interviews.

Questions About the Candidate’s Abilities

Questions about abilities are a must. They help provide key information about the candidate‚Äôs ability to do the job. You need someone that can life 50 pounds. If someone cannot do it, that’s an easy no. However, sometimes abilities can be more challenging to uncover.

  • How does the individual handle pressure?
  • How does the individuals describe his or her greatest strength and weakness?
  • What type of work environment is the individual best suited for?

Questions About Previous

Previous employment is always a good place to gather information about a candidate. The good news is that there tends to be a great deal of information from simple questions here. When you ask these, you learn the story behind the resume. You also can tell what the candidate may due if he or she leaves your position.

  • Why did he or she resign?
  • What has the candidate done since his or her previous job?
  • Why is the candidate planning to leave current employment?

Questions About Salaries

Money questions are not only hard to answer, but they can be hard to ask. Nevertheless, they are a must when it comes to getting information from your candidates. You want to pay them fairly but you also know that some people do not have realistic expectations. Are you asking the right questions to know what those expectations are?

  • What does the candidate expect as a starting salary?
  • What types of benefits package do they anticipate?
  • What are their long term salary requirements?

Questions About Communication Skills

Look a bit further at what you are asking employee candidates. Are you asking them enough to find out if the employee has solid communication skills? Most interviews lack this and that is a big problem.

  • Does the individual work well with others?
  • Encourage the individual to simply talk about him or herself.
  • What mistakes has the individual made and how has he or she learned from them?

The right questions can make a big difference when it comes to selecting a candidate for a job position. After all, your candidates are going to be interested in telling you about themselves so they can show why they are the right person for the job. Your questions need to pull that information out of them. If you are looking for assistance preparing for an interview call the expert job recruiters at TempStaff today.

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