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December 26th, 2012

What is your customer service setup? For most companies, there is a website, a retail location and a live contact center in place. Each is separate from the other and often they function in the same way. However, to improve your customer service, you may want to take a different approach. That’s because there is often a lack of connection between these customer points.

By taking a more multi-channel approach, you can improve customer experience significantly. How can you do this? By taking a few specific steps.

Put the Right Team in Place

The first step is to create a team whose primary job it is to handle the overall customer experience. Each of the three channels you have, website, retail and contact center, need to have experts who have specialized knowledge. This team needs to be outside of the three main channels you have. That way, each component can access this information as needed and use it as required. By understanding customer journeys from one component of your business to the next, you can identify opportunities to improve.

Map the Customers’ Movements

Often called customer journeys, the goal is to know where your company’s customers are coming from and where they are going to. Why do they switch channels? Why do they choose one over the other? By mapping out how customers reach your business and interact with your company, you can find points where problems may lie in the “white space” that the customer passes through to get from one channel to the next.

Put in Place a Chief

Finally, put in place a chief customer officer. By doing this, you have one leader whose job it is to focus on the customer experience. This can be an incredible opportunity for you to manage the entire set of channels. This person’s job is to drive the positive change that needs to happen across all channels.

Why do all of this and why do it now? In anticipation for growth and employee hiring, it is essential to focus on the customer experience. As economic conditions improve, it will become necessary to effectively manage that customer experience. Doing so can help you to avoid problems that could push your customers away.

Now is the time to ramp up employees and to ensure that your multi-channel approach is doing all it can to achieve your business objectives. If your customer experience is lacking in even one of the channels, it could affect the entire business. Get professional customer service support by hiring from TempStaff for your contract customer service agents.

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A Fun Topic: Improving Company Culture | Create a Game

November 26th, 2012

Did you know that you can easily begin creating a corporate culture that is more positive just by creating and incorporating games into the scene? Being able to work in a great workplace culture is more important than many people consider. From team building and stress relief, to creativity boosting activities, gaming is becoming a go-to source for creating a better corporate culture for many companies. Gaming can be used in various ways, from simple brand awareness, to recruitment and performance. When gaming is mentioned everyone assumes virtual games; but by simply setting goals for the office and creating some friendly competition, managers can help improve company culture and employee morale.

Gaming Trends in the Workplace

A recent Mashable article defines workplace gaming as a way of, “using game technology in a website, service, community or application in order to drive participation. It’s a perfect way to create customer engagement or employee participation.” Obviously, there are some advantages of introducing a powerful tool such as gaming to get employees on board and excited about their workdays. These can include:

  • Allowing all associates to participate in simulated experiences before conducting real tasks.
  • On-demand use of games for better participation rates among virtual and multiple shift teams.
  • Ease of facilitating vs. other forms of learning and training offered in house.
  • Honoring many different learning styles to help deliver and retain information.
  • Fun, less intimidating way of providing training and education on a consistent basis.

While these benefits are just scratching the surface of what “gaming” can do for the workplace, there are other applications of this technology that can improve your recruitment and on boarding activities.  For one, because the use of games is actually fun, it immediately begins to energize people and boost their productivity. Productive people are happy people therefore, this leads to a positive workplace culture in very little time.

To roll out games at work, it’s important to be able to demonstrate the return on investment to the executive team. This can mean taking the time to work with a recruitment and training company to provide metrics of what the gaming has done for other companies. Consider what areas of your company need attention in terms of productivity and find gaming that addresses these needs directly.

While gaming is not for every workplace, it can certainly enhance your efforts to create a more positive and creative work culture. Develop a few games for use in your teams and see what difference it can make for your business.

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