Keep Your Call Center Employees Engaged with These Tips

February 24th, 2017

It’s no secret that engaged employees are often more productive than their less-enthusiastic counterparts. They also tend to be more satisfied with their work and more dedicated to the companies for which they work. But keeping your call center employees engaged is often easier said than done. Luckily, there are things that every manager can do to help the process, including these tips below.

Encourage a Connection

Employees that feel connected to their managers tend to be more productive. Having a sense of security and a feeling of trust lets them know that you have their back and care about their wellbeing.

Additionally, getting to know your employees means that you can determine what they need from you to excel in their positions. Every employee is different and learning what they require to do their job as well as what they value can help ensure you give them all of the tools they need to succeed in the workplace.

Invest in Their Careers

Part of what keeps your most talented employees around is the ability to further their career. If a business places emphasis on offering training or other educational opportunities to workers interested in where their current position can take them in the future, you’ll see returns in the areas of productivity and engagement. Knowledge is a critical tool in the workplace, so giving access to more can help employees do their job better today and tomorrow.

Additionally, you can engage employees by making the path to promotions clear, and by promoting from within whenever appropriate. If employees understand exactly where their efforts can take them, it is easier for them to put that knowledge into action. And seeing the process work for their co-workers lets them know that if they put the time and energy in it can happen for them too.

Recognize and Reward

Recognizing an employee for a job well-done encourages everyone to put in additional effort. Everything from a simple “thank you” to a full recognition ceremony can increase engagement, and not just for the employee being recognized. Knowing that a business values the contributions of its employees can help motivate anyone who knows that the acknowledgment was given.

On top of recognition comes the option for rewards. Everything from employee appreciation events, catered lunches, cash bonuses, or extra vacation time can all work as suitable rewards for meeting certain standards. You can also create reward options for multiple layers of management. That way, direct supervisors can make small gestures towards their employees as well as members of upper management.

Hire Properly

The new employees you bring into a workplace impacts those who are already there. Hiring candidates who don’t just have the right skills and experience, but also has the right attitude, can help keep those around them engaged as well.

Consider the personality traits of those you are considering for a position, as well as how they fit into the larger corporate culture.

If you are looking for new employees for your call center, TempStaff has the knowledge required to be fully engaged in your request. Contact us today and let us put our focus to work for your business.



Looking for a New Clerical Job? Don’t Do These 3 Things

February 17th, 2017

Whether you are looking for your first clerical job or the one at which you hope to retire, you have likely been inundated with advice.  In some cases, years of built up hints, tips, and recommendations can even make it hard to think.  But not all suggestions are created equal, and some may be incredibly out of date.  However, that doesn’t mean someone is reciting them as if they were gospel.

Before you let recommendations guide your career, make sure you set these three outdated suggestions aside.

1. Every Job Needs to Be On Your Resume

Depending on the length of your career, and the previous positions you have held, listing every position you have ever had can be a mistake.  A resume functions as a piece of marketing material designed to help employers see how you can meet their current needs.  So, if you are looking for clerical positions, feel free to leave off that stint as a pizza delivery driver from 10 years ago.

Instead, focus on information that demonstrates you have the skills necessary to manage the job to which you are applying.  Include experience that fits into that picture, as well as suitable education.

If you are looking for your first position, you may need to list jobs that don’t directly translate.  In that case, concentrate on the skills you learned that help make your case.  For example, that pizza delivery job likely taught you skills in areas like customer service, time management, and adjusting to changing priorities.  Highlight those aspects so that the hiring manager can see how the experience makes you a great choice for the position.

2. Strictly Separating Your Work and Your Life

Work-life balance, flexible scheduling and alternate worksites are all part of the workplace paradigm today, so don’t hide the fact that you have a life outside of work.  Instead, if you have certain desires in these key areas (or even deal breakers) it is better to be open about these needs than to keep them hidden.

Why? Because you may find yourself accepting a position that won’t actually work for your life.  For example, if you intend on pursuing your education by taking evening classes, a job that requires you to be available after 5:00 pm might make that impossible.  The same can be said for family obligations that you simply can’t change.

Is it possible these requirements may cost you the position?  Yes, it is.  But, if the position doesn’t fit into your life, was it really the right job for you in the first place?

3. Only Searching and Applying Online

While the online job search and application are a standard part of exploring your employment options, it isn’t the only method for landing a job.  Surprisingly enough, some businesses still use traditional advertising avenues, like local papers, to find potential candidates.  Other companies exclusively use outside recruiting options, like staffing firms.

When searching for new positions, it is always better to cast a wide net than restrict yourself to a single option.  That way, you can increase the number of postings you may find, and the number of unadvertised positions you may access.

If you are looking for a new clerical position, the professionals at TempStaff are here to help.  Let us put our experience and connections to work for you by contacting us today.



Want Your Best Employees to Stay? Start Building Trust!

February 10th, 2017

The foundation of every strong relationship is trust, and that includes the relationship between managers and their best employees. Leadership that demonstrates their commitment to honesty and reliability, the team members are more likely to do the same in kind. But building that trust takes time and significant efforts.

So how can a manager foster a sense of trust in the workplace? By following the steps outlined below.

Keep Your Promises

This is the simplest concept on the list but can be the most difficult with which to stick. However, it serves as the foundation for the entire manager-employee relationship.

If you commit to a completing a certain action, then you need to make sure it gets managed. Your best employees often don’t have much power when it comes to holding leadership accountable, so failing to meet the standards you have set for yourself will just breed distrust and possibly resentment.

Be Understanding

Every employee has a complex life outside of the office. At times, difficulties in their personal life will affect their professional one. Instead of being unrelenting, try understanding. A manager that offers support during difficult times helps their best employees feel as though someone is looking out for them, and that can do wonders for trust building in the workplace.

Get Some Details

It is difficult to support employees during the tough times if you don’t know anything about their lives. While many team members won’t be comfortable divulging every detail, even small conversations about their life outside of work can encourage them to open up. If you need to encourage certain employees to participate, make sure that you are opening up in kind. Additionally, get the team leader onboard and let them demonstrate the trust is well placed.

Celebrate Regularly

As you get to know your employees, you’ll find new opportunities to celebrate their accomplishments inside and out of the office. Consider recognizing events like birthdays, college graduations, or weddings alongside traditional work accomplishments like finishing a project and landing a new client. While you don’t need a celebration every day, having them regularly helps keep everyone motivated and can make you seem more approachable.

Support Their Careers

If you know that your team members have certain career goals, then see if there is anything you can do to help them move forward. This can include giving them access to training or educational opportunities, arranging for job shadowing, or even helping them network with other members of management.

By standing beside them while they look to the future, they will have more confidence in you now. And that helps keep the feeling of trust throughout the workplace.

Communicate Often

While you might not be able to reveal every detail regarding the future plans of the company, sharing a reasonable amount helps build trust. If employees believe managers are withholding details, especially about potentially negative events like layoffs or cutbacks, then much of the trust is broken.

Granted, your hands may be tied when it comes to certain happenings, but it is important to be open about the aspects you can discuss. This not only helps prevent the rumor mill from getting out of control, but it also demonstrates that you understand their concerns and want to do right by your team.

If you are looking for a new employee to add to your team, TempStaff has the expertise you need to find the best candidates available. Contact us today and let our professional recruiters put their experience to work for you.



5 Reasons You Aren’t Hearing Back After an Interview

February 3rd, 2017

You catered your resume to the position and crafted a compelling cover letter. Then, you landed an interview and gave it everything you had. And finally, you hear…nothing.

It’s an all too common scenario when it comes to the job search process; once the interview is over, it feels like radio silence on the part of the hiring manager. And that silence is the last thing you wanted to hear.

But a lack of feedback doesn’t necessarily spell doom. Here are five reasons you aren’t hearing back after an interview (and most of them have nothing to do with you).

1. Other Candidates Are Being Interviewed

Depending on the hiring manager’s schedule, the interview process might not be completed in a single day, or even over the course of a week. And, if it’s a multi-round interview, it can take even longer. In most cases, candidates aren’t informed of the results until all of the interviews are complete, regardless of how well it went.

2. Multiple Decision-Makers Are Involved

If you interviewed with a panel or had multiple one-on-one interviews, then the decision is likely made by a group and not a single hiring manager. That means every interviewer has to provide feedback and an agreement must be reached. Depending on the number of candidates still in contention, and the schedules of every interviewer, this process might draw out for days or weeks.

3. Work Gets in the Way

Most hiring managers also have regular job duties they must complete. If something urgent comes up after your interview is complete, they might be turning their attention to a pressing issue that simply can’t wait. Since hiring a new employee isn’t generally critical to business functions, the process will be delayed whenever something more important requires their attention.

4. It’s a Close Call

Sometimes the decision comes down to two very qualified candidates, and choosing between two great options isn’t always easy. If the hiring manager believes either person could manage the work, fit into the overall culture, and provide long-term value, making a decision can actually feel more challenging.

The hiring and onboarding process is costly, so hiring managers are under a notable amount of pressure to make the right decision the first time. And, when two people seem like the ideal fit, reaching a point of complete confidence in the hiring decision can take longer to than most people realize.

5. You’ve Been Eliminated from Contention

Not every company notifies the candidates that weren’t chosen. While this is often frustrating, it isn’t uncommon. Instead of letting that possibility keep you down, take some time to reflect on what went well and then get back to your search.

Time spent waiting to hear back on an interview can feel like an eternity, so it’s often best to keep your job search going regardless of how well you feel everything went. If you do end up with a job offer, and decide it’s a good fit, you can always cancel any upcoming interviews that you landed in the meantime. And, if an offer doesn’t come through, you’ve effectively already moved on by keeping your options open.

If you are looking for a new position, and want skilled staffing professionals on your side, TempStaff is here to help. Contact us today and see what options may be available to you.



How to Start Job Searching for the Future

January 27th, 2017


Sometimes, you desperately want a new job, but the time isn’t right to make a transition. Maybe you are in the middle of a big project that could lead to a substantial bonus. Or your current schedule needs won’t be easily met by another company, so you have to stay put until something changes on your end.

Regardless of the reasoning, there are still things you can do today to prepare you for job searching in the future. To help you get you best-positioned to make a move when the time is right, here are some tips to streamline the job-hunting process in the future.

Review Your Resume

If you haven’t looked at your resume since you secured your current job, then it is time to get everything in order. By preparing your resume now, you won’t have to scramble when it comes time to apply for positions. And, though you should tailor your resume to individual postings, having a basic resume that is ready to go can speed up that process. It also provides you a general resume that can be spent almost anywhere.

Perfect Your Online Presence

Personal websites and LinkedIn profiles are common amongst job seekers, so it is important to make sure your digital presence is as composed as your resume. Make sure all of the information is updated and accurate. If you have blog posts on your site, then take the time to begin creating new content that provides talking points regarding the position you envision pursuing.

Only having outdated posts on your site shows that it has been neglected, so aim to create enough content for the main landing page to look fresh.

Get Your Network in Gear

Now is the time to begin priming your network. Since you aren’t looking for a position immediately, you have time to reconnect with other professionals with whom you may have lost touch. Start by forwarding an interesting article that pertains to their field, or simply send a message inquiring about how the holidays treated them.

Keep the conversation light and don’t overwhelm them with contact if you haven’t spoken in months or longer. Let things progress naturally and wait to ask about employment opportunities until you have reaffirmed the relationship.

When inquiring about jobs, especially if the person works in your target position or role, begin by getting permission to ask some questions about their work or industry. This can include items like tips to get a position in the field or at their company. If the opportunity arises organically, then feel free to ask if they are aware of any openings.

The important part is not to force your way into a job conversation too soon. Since you have time before your search officially begins, take your time to catch up before diving into the job-related territory.

Work with Professional Recruiters

You can begin working with professional recruiters before you are ready to make the leap. They can help you get your resume and other materials in order, as well as give you insight into the current job market.

If you are interested in getting a recruiter on your side, TempStaff has the experience you need to help you plan your future job search. Contact us today, so you can prepare for a better tomorrow.


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What Are Millennials Looking for in Their Careers?

January 20th, 2017


Work-life balance and job flexibility have become hallmarks of what millennials crave from their employment experiences. They also crave the ability to travel.

While salary is still a top concern, failing to meet their other desires for flexibility at work can lead to missed opportunities when trying to land the best talent. With millennials now being the largest generation currently active in the workforce, your business can’t afford to ignore these preferences.

Understanding Workplace Flexibility

A flexible work environment can be created through multiple mechanisms. The two most people include alternate schedules outside of what is considered to be traditional office hours, as well as the ability to complete their duties from locations other than the primary worksite.

Alternative work schedules can take many forms. This includes using compressed workweek options, such as four 10-hour days or allowing them to report to work earlier or later in the day depending on their individual needs. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t expect a full 40-hour workweek from millennial employees. In fact, some millennials are even willing to work more hours if their schedule provides the flexibility they need.

Advances in mobile technology and computing make it possible to work from practically anywhere. As long as an employee has the suitable technology, and often an internet connection, many tasks can be completed in the office, on the road, or from home. It also allows employees the option to travel while still being able to manage their work.

Providing the option to work remotely, even on an occasional basis, will help attract millennials that are interested in the flexibility it offers. It can make the management of their personal obligations simpler and ensures they can still complete high-quality work in a timely manner. It also allows you to recruit employees outside of your immediate area if certain positions can be completed without setting foot in the main office.

Work-Life Balance

The idea of work-life balance is a bit ambiguous as it means something slightly different to each individual. In that regard, understanding the unique needs of the employee is often the key to securing their loyalty. This can include benefits such as onsite fitness centers or childcare, as well as product and service discounts or career planning services.

Work to determine what your company can offer employees to make their daily lives easier. Once you have a few common factors, implement the solutions and see if they don’t attract top candidates for your open positions.

Competitive Salaries

With the job market favoring the candidate, it is critical you offer a competitive salary for the position. This can be even more critical if you are recruiting for remote positions and pursue candidates outside of your local area.

The average salary for professionals varies depending on their location. You won’t be able to secure the employment of a professional based in California with the salary you would offer someone in Kentucky. If you plan on extending the range of your advertising, then understand what the going rate is for professionals in your target cities. It will be relevant when it comes time to make an offer.

If you are looking for more tips about attracting millennial workers or would like assistance filling a current vacancy, the professionals at TempStaff have the knowledge and expertise you need to appeal to the largest working generation today. Contact us and put our experience to work for you.


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How to Prove You’re a Hardworking Light Industrial Employee

January 13th, 2017


Career advancement is often contingent on your ability to demonstrate your willingness to work hard whenever necessary. But you have to do more than simply manage your job well; you have to make sure you are noticed.

Some employees believe this means working extra hours or staying later than their co-workers. While this seems like a potentially effective strategy, working longer than your peers does not automatically translate into being seen as a hard worker. In some cases, it may actually work against you.

Why Long Hours Alone Don’t Send the Right Message

As a light industrial employee, you are often given specific tasks to accomplish during your day. By staying late without prompting, you may be suggesting that you can’t complete your fair share within a standard schedule. Ultimately, this leaves a negative impression with management and supervisors, especially if the additional time results in extra hours on the clock for hourly positions.

However, if you are working extra hours because you have offered to take on other responsibilities, and the fact that overtime may be involved is known, then it can reflect positively on your reputation. But it is important to make sure that you are getting enough rest to complete all of the work successfully. If pushing yourself to the limits causes your performance to degrade, then the extra hours are doing more harm than good.

Understand the Metrics

Job performance in an industrial environment is often tied to specific metrics. It could be the creation of X number of pieces during a shift, completing a certain number of orders, or packaging a specific amount of product. Regardless of the standard involved, take the time to understand precisely what is needed from you as a light industrial employee.

Then, commit yourself to meeting that expectation every shift within your normal work hours. Being able to meet performance requirements in the allocated time shows that you are performing as they need. It demonstrates reliability and allows them to plan future activities based on your ability to manage the task at hand.

Be Your Own Advocate

If you are meeting your daily output requirements, and you feel you can do more within your day, speak to your supervisor regarding available options. You may be able to work ahead or your additional capacity may allow them to escalate production. When additional output in your area isn’t necessary, you may have the ability to take on additional tasks that can further your career. And by directly asking your supervisor what you can do, you ensure your performance is on their radar. It also asserts that you are interested in providing even more value to the company than you do today.

Demonstrating your current capabilities and your desire to move forward can show that you are a hardworking light industrial employee who can be counted on. And, ultimately, that is the goal.

If you are interested in finding new light industrial positions that can help further your career, TempStaff works with some of the leading companies in Jackson, MS. Contact us and see how your light industrial career can move forward.


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5 Great Questions to Ask All Accounting Candidates

January 6th, 2017


One of the primary jobs of a hiring manager is to get to know the accounting candidates who were scheduled for interviews. The best way to manage the task is to make sure you ask the right questions. While resumes and social media profiles provide an excellent introduction to their experience and education, there is often much more to an accounting candidate’s story than can be expressed in these limited formats.

If you want to make sure you are asking accounting candidates all of the right questions, here are five great examples to get you started.

Tell Me a Bit About Yourself

While this prompt has been around for ages, it still provides value. The question is ambiguous, giving candidates the option to speak to any points they choose to make. While most accounting candidates will stick with an overview of their experience and education, it can also provide insights into who they are as a person. It also serves as an icebreaker to get the candidate talking about a subject with which they should be comfortable, themselves.

How Would Your Current (or Most Recent) Manager Describe You?

This question prompts an honest response, especially if they intend to list their current or previous manager as a reference. You will gain insights into what the candidate does well and the traits that make them unique. At times, it can even lead to an open discussion about any weaknesses based on how a manager may respond to the question. That puts you in a position to better assess what they are like as an employee before you even have to dial the first reference.

How Would You Describe Your Dream Job?

If you want an idea of where a candidate hopes to be, this question opens that door. You can discover information about career aspirations, ideal work environment, and preferred schedules without having to specifically inquire about each point.

In some cases, the response also lets you know where the candidate’s head is at regarding their career. If they describe a dream job that doesn’t remotely relate to the position for which they are being interviewed, it may show that they have less interest in the field than you previously thought.

However, even if their dream job is in a different sector, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their current work. So take the information with a grain of salt and consider it a single facet in the larger picture.

What Motivated You to Pursue This Position/Profession?

Discovering what motivates a potential employee helps determine if they are a fit for your company’s culture. Every organization uses different techniques to keep employees engaged and interested. If accounting candidates speak to something that isn’t available with your business, then they may become dissatisfied based on these needs not being met.

Do You Have Any Issues in Your Current Position?

This is a straightforward question looking to get to the heart of why they are interested in leaving their current employer. It lets you know what about the environment isn’t working for them and can help you determine if your organization is better equipped in those areas.

It allows candidates speak to what they value, and often serves as reinforcement for what motivates them. If you see correlations between the two responses, you have a clear idea of what the applicant values. Discrepancies can indicate that the candidate doesn’t have a solid picture of what they need, which is valuable information in itself.

If you are interested in filling an accounting vacancy, TempStaff has the industry experience to help you locate the best candidates. Contact us today and make sure all of the right questions about who to hire are answered.


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Don’t Let Your Job Search Slip Around the Holidays! Use These Tips to Keep Up Steam!

December 30th, 2016


The holiday season is a beautiful time of year. But it often comes with unique stresses that make maintaining focus a challenge, especially if you are looking for a new job. Dividing your time between work and family obligations can be hard enough, and adding a job search to the mix might seem impossible.

Instead of letting your job search fall to the wayside, consider changing your strategy. Here are some tips to keep your job search going as we approach the new year.

Schedule Your Search

While it may seem strange to treat your job search like an appointment, it can help you guarantee that the time you need to set aside. Even if you can only set up 15 minutes a day, those small efforts will help you stay on track and keep you moving forward. Remember, numerous small steps are still steps in the right direction.

Set Mini Goals

Give yourself a series of mini goals to reach throughout the week. It can be to check certain sites for opportunities, clean up your LinkedIn profile, or retool your resume. With each small task, give yourself permission to put the list down once you have completed the current step.

You can coordinate these goals with specific 15-minute time slots on your calendar, or choose from the list whenever you have set the time to work on your search. By keeping things small, it makes each task feel more manageable than when looking at the situation as a whole.

Update Your Job Board Profiles

Take the time to update your job board profiles now. Make sure your work history is accurate, and that your contact information is correct. If you have the option to add a copy of your resume, then upload that now as well. You may also want to create a few templates for cover letters based on the positions you are seeking so that you have a foundation ready to customize.

By handling these in advance, you have set yourself up to use less time when you are actually applying to positions. You won’t have to correct profile information unexpectedly and will have cover letters available that can be adjusted to the job.

Use Job Alerts

Most job boards allow you to create alerts for postings that match certain criteria, and you can also set notification through various search engines based on keywords. Take a few minutes to set these alerts and have them directed to an email you check frequently. That way, if an ideal opportunity does arrive, you can go directly to it and apply in minutes (or faster, if your profile is updated). Applying for the position won’t take a large amount of time from your day, and you might be able to complete it from your smartphone while on-the-go.

Get Help from Qualified Employment Professionals

Sometimes the easiest way to keep your job search going during the holidays is to work with professional staffing companies. TempStaff has the knowledge, skills, and resources to help streamline your job search. That means you don’t have to stop looking for new opportunities even during the busiest part of the holiday season. Contact TempStaff today and let their expertise work for you.


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5 Workplace Tasks to Handle Before the End of 2016!

December 23rd, 2016


The end of the year signifies an opportunity to tie up loose ends and prepare for the future. With that idea in mind, there are certain workplace tasks that are ideal to manage as you prepare for what is to come. To help you start your new year off right, here are five tasks you need to finish before the end of 2016.

1. Schedule a Team Check In

Now is a very good time for a team update. Take the opportunity to review the accomplishments and challenges that you and your employees faced during the year, and have a discussion about what was learned during the process. By reflecting on triumphs and tribulations, you include information on all of the major moments, and you can use the review as an opportunity to explore which processes should be continued into 2017.

If you know of big projects or milestones occurring in 2017, cover those as well. Consider it an opportunity to preview the upcoming year with your team. Not only is this a great way to keep your team informed on current happenings, but it also helps them feel like part of the business’ future plans.

2. Clean and Organize

While daily tidying can keep the office well-coordinated, having an annual organizational push can be beneficial. Take the opportunity to review which records from the previous year (or years, depending on your retention schedule) is no longer needed, and dispose of the excess in the manner you see fit. Encourage employees to take the time to reorganize their workspaces and do any surface cleaning that may have been neglected during the year.

This helps the new year feel like a fresh start, and it can actually be quite a stress reliever to know that everything is in its proper place.

3. Do Your Tech Checks

If you work in an organization that does not automatically push out software, antivirus or operating system updates, take a moment to see if any need installed. While most larger businesses favor certain automated procedures, often initiated through an IT department, smaller companies may not have employees dedicated to that cause. Review your current update settings and make sure you load anything important that may have been missed.

For those who use backup external hard drives or data sticks to hold copies of critical information, now is time to do a health check. Just as you test a smoke detectors battery on a regular basis, monitoring the condition of these devices is also important. Over time, all devices fail. By using quick tools to look for issues, and ensuring that your backup copies actually open should you need them, you are less likely to be caught off guard by device failure.

4. Have Some Fun

You know what they say about all work and no play, right? Even though you are operating a place of business, a workplace should also have the occasional celebration. Whether you want to host a small holiday gathering or a recognition event, adding some joy to the workplace helps employees feel appreciated. And that can go a long way toward inspiring them for the new year.

5. Plan for Hiring

If you anticipate needing additional employees for the beginning of next year, now is the time to plan. Hiring processes can take time, so starting as soon as possible makes it easier to find the people you need to make 2017 the best year yet for your business.

For help with your hiring needs, TempStaff has the expertise to find ideal candidates for your vacancies. Whether you need permanent full-time employees or some temporary staff, TempStaff is here to find what you need. Contact TempStaff today for a happier new year.


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