While each person is unique, many leaders share specific traits that allow them to be highly influential people. Often, this doesn’t include the power of intimidation and coercion. Instead, it’s the ability to motivate and inspire, coupled with being able to make the right decisions at key times.

Here are 10 traits influential people generally share, and that you may possess, too.

1. They Keep Learning

Most influential leaders understand learning and growing are continuous processes, admitting they never know everything and embracing the idea of always bettering themselves.

2. They Take Action

To be a great leader, you need to be willing to make decisions and even take calculated risks. They don’t allow themselves to become paralyzed by choice or unforeseen circumstances, always striving to move forward.

3. They Have Integrity

Integrity is critical when it comes to being an influential person. Maintaining yourself as a positive example while remaining authentic helps create a solid and reliable reputation. Plus, by being trustworthy, people are willing to support your ideas and vision, making it easier to succeed.

4. They Have High Expectations

Leaders set high expectations, both for themselves and those around them. Their passion is typically incredibly engaging, motivating others to succeed and be at their best. Plus, their drive pushes them to reach out of their comfort zones, working to always rise to the challenge when an obstacle appears.

5. They Value Connections

Even the most influential person understands the power of maintaining relationships. Meaningful connections bring people together, allowing collaborative environments to thrive.

6. They Focus on What Matters

Strong leaders don’t let trivial matters distract them from larger goals, freeing themselves from the need to “win” every conversation or steer every discussion in a way that favors them. Instead, they concentrate on their own achievement and are determined to be masters of their own success through hard work and dedication.

7. They Become the “Go-To” Person

Being indispensable is a key to acquiring influence. Being able to solve critical problems and accomplish major goals shows others their value, making them more influential leaders.

8. They Know Their Weaknesses

While influential people are fully aware of their strengths, they don’t ignore their weaknesses. By understanding their shortcomings, they can take action that propels them toward success. This can include bolstering their own skills, crafting the right team, or simply delegating in key areas to subject matter experts.

9. They Maintain an Analytical Mindset

Being able to assess situations quickly makes them more capable in trying times. Being fully aware of their changing environment and workplace leaves them better positioned to deal with the unexpected while staying on top of trends gives them the knowledge to act when the need arises.

10. They Empower Others

Influential leaders don’t just focus on their own value, but the value of those around them, as well. This includes ensuring everyone has a voice, allowing each party to feel heard and understood, as well as being an active listener.

Most influential people possess all of the traits above in varying degrees. If you would like to learn more, the professionals at TempStaff can help. Contact us to discuss your thoughts with one of our staff members today and see how our expertise can benefit you.



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