Most hiring managers have been trained to see frequent job changes as an immediate red flag, leading them to discard resumes featuring a pattern of “job hopping” fairly quickly. However, automatically dismissing these candidates could be a mistake.

In some cases, having multiple employers in a relatively short period could actually be a positive sign, if you know how to examine them properly. To help you determine if you should hire that job hopper, here’s what you need to know.

Understand the New Rules

During and immediately after the recession, it was an employers’ market. There were plenty of candidates to go around, so companies were able to set their expectations based on their preferences.

Now, unemployment is incredibly low, so the power falls into the hands of job seekers. This has allowed them to explore new opportunities with ease, giving them a chance to expand their skill set and have new experiences. This enables them to grow more quickly as professionals, advancing their careers at the speed of their choosing.

When Is a Job Hopper a Good Choice?

As with any other candidate, you need to evaluate the motivation behind their job changes. For example, were they able to advance their career, often reflected by a series of promotions? Did each position give them a chance to learn something new? Did they take advantage of that opportunity?

In some cases, a person job hops not because there was a problem with their previous role but because they were presented with an option that allowed them to learn and grow as a professional. At times, a person may seek out new opportunities because their prior employer wasn’t meeting their needs, such as by offering a subpar salary, no chance to advance, or limited professional development mechanisms.

Often, when a candidate moved on quickly, it’s because the employer wasn’t meeting their expectations or providing them with a sufficient level of challenge. This can actually be a reflection of a driven, go-getter personality who thrives in the face of adversity and is always looking to conquer their next professional mountain.

How to Assess a Job Hopper

If someone who appears to be a job hopper has the right skills and experiences to excel, consider extending them the opportunity to come in for an interview. Ask them why they left their previous positions as well as what they hope to find in the next employer. Additionally, find out about their career goals to assess whether they are a forward-thinking individual who is ultimately giving it their all to reach their desired destination.

At times, you’ll quickly find out the person is generally dissatisfied with their career or their reasoning isn’t legitimate. However, you may also discover that the job hopper is an incredibly passionate individual who wants to succeed professionally, and they are simply open to continuing their job hunt until they can find an employer that will help them thrive by offering them intriguing challenges and chances to learn and grow.

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