Whether you have applied for your dream job or just the right job for right now, there are times when accepting a job offer may not be in your best interest.  Before you sign on the dotted line, consider these warning signs that may indicate trouble ahead.

Ambiguity about the Job Description

If you ask for clarification on the jobs core duties and are met with silence, or a confused jumble of barely associated tasks, consider that a warning sign that the actual purpose of the position has not been hashed out.  Without a clear direction for the position, you first few days will likely be a challenge as people try to determine what exactly you are there to do.  There is also a risk that, even though the position advertised was a good fit, the way the job pulls together may not be as ideal as the job you saw on paper.

Additionally, if you interview with multiple decision makers and get a different answer to the job duties question from each one, it is a sure sign that expectations for the position have not been aligned across the organization.  Not only can that make a job challenging to perform, as it is often unclear what your true responsibilities are, but you are almost guaranteed to fall below one of the decision maker’s expectations solely because they do not see the job functioning in the same way the other decision makers do.

They Make You an Offer without an Interview

A fast hiring process may not always be an indication of trouble, but skipping certain key steps may be a sign of desperation on the part of the employer.  If an employer looks to make you an offer, especially for any position that is not entry level, without having met with you, checked your references, or completed any other previously stated hiring requirements, such as backgrounds, it could be a sign they are trying to get you committed before all of the cards are on the table.

An exception to this can be for certain entry-level positions that do not require many skills to complete successfully, especially if the positions are temporary or seasonal.  Additionally, hiring done through a professional staffing firm may not require all steps to be completed by the potential employer, as many prescreening activities are performed by the staffing firm in order to establish the applicant’s candidacy.

Everyone Seems Stressed or Unhappy

While we all understand that, if a company is looking to bring in a new employee, it is possible they do not have the staff necessary to operate at a less frantic pace, but if that pace seems to be more of the standard than the exception, consider it carefully.  If you have an opportunity to speak with potential future coworkers, and they all seem frazzled, exhausted, or just generally unhappy, it could be a sign of a less than pleasant work environment.

Rude, Disrespectful or Other Unprofessional Behavior

Put simply, there are no circumstances that excuse a potential supervisor, coworker, or hiring authority to be blatantly rude or disrespectful.  If someone involved in the hiring process doesn’t find it inappropriate to belittle you or other members of the team, then it is likely this would not be the only time you were exposed to this type of behavior if you accept the position.

Depending on the circumstances, a single incidence may not mean you should dismiss the opportunity entirely.  Instead, consider along with any other impressions you have received.  When in doubt, speak to some you trust to help get some outside perspective on the issues, especially if you think your judgment may be clouded.

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