Call center jobs can be both enjoyable and a great way to earn above-average pay. Over the last few years, the call center industry has continued to grow, adding more jobs and expanding to include telecommuting and independent contractors. The competition is tough for work in call centers, especially with larger firms.

How can you land the perfect call center job that uses your strengths, when so many others are vying for the same jobs? Follow these tips.

Get the right training first.

Whether you are new to call center work or have worked in the industry for a while, it’s always possible to obtain a job by pursuing call center training either online or in person. Check with your current employer to see if there is any call center training or customer service training available.

Match your skills to the right company.

Do a complete search for a call center job, and focus on companies in your industry, where your knowledge will be highly valued. Call center assessments and a review of your career history with a qualified career coach or a staffing agency can be a good start.

Update your resume and cover letter.

Take the time to update your resume and cover letter so that it speaks to your strengths as a customer service and call center pro. Use power words like ‘friendly’, ‘problem-solver’, and ‘communicator’ to catch the attention of the right hiring companies. Always be sure to mention that you are passionate about helping people.

Network your way to a great job.

Participate in call center communities on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. Contribute to a blog about call center tactics. Attend local job fairs and seek out companies that offer call center jobs. Network with local staffing agencies to find out about call center job openings.

Brand yourself as a call center expert.

Start a blog about life as a call center professional, with tips for handling difficult clients and other relevant information. Add videos where you can talk about call center life and your experiences. Be proactive and keep it fun and professional. Share with your networks.

Let everyone you know understand that you are seeking a job in an outstanding call center environment. Research companies in your region and even those that offer telecommuting positions. Apply to the best companies and follow up often. Soon you will find yourself working in an excellent call center job where your skills will be respected and valued.

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