Finding that first job right out college in Jackson, MS can be challenging, especially when you do not know where to look or how to go about the process. If you follow the four steps outlined in this post you will be able find that first job following graduation without much difficulty.

#1 Keep an Open Mind

One of the first things you need to do is operate with an open mind in everything you do involving a job search. This includes attending job fairs, taking temp jobs, or heading for professional networking events. Even if you think these factors will not help you in a job search, it is still important to go into them with an open mind so you come out with a positive experience, new contacts and a positive outlook on the job search. Also, be sure you stay open minded when looking for jobs online, as this could be your only method of finding a new job.

#2 Do Not Limit Your Options

As you search for a job out of college in Jackson, MS, be sure you keep your options wide open. This will help you find a job quicker. When you limit the things you are willing to do, this gets in the way of your job search because it also limits the amount of results that will be shown in a search engine. Consider the benefits of taking on temp assignments while you search for the perfect company. With this tip, you must make sure you do not give up on your dreams or pursue employment in a job that you have zero interest in whatsoever. This will only hinder your job search.

#3 Schedule Interviews Immediately

An excellent piece of advice in your job search right out of college is to schedule interviews when they are offered to you by the company. Do not put these off for anything on your schedule; not a single thing. Even if you are in your final semester of college and have to deal with finals, papers and presentations; make the job interview your first priority. You might not have the opportunity to interview for the same job even one week later.

#4 Talk, Talk, Talk and Ask Questions

Make it a point to be direct when attending career fairs and networking events. Talk to potential employers without hesitation. The more you walk around events with your head down and fail to speak with attendees, you will be hurting yourself in the job search process. Even if you are a timid person, you need to get past this and speak up about yourself, your experience and your education in an effort to secure that first job out of college in Jackson, MS.

When all is said and done, these four tips seem fairly simple to enact and can go a long way in helping you acquire a job right out of school. Try a temporary assignment out too – you’ll find a number of flexible part time and full time temp jobs available through TempStaff in MS.

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