Have you ever wondered if your efforts to find and hire the best candidate are being wasted because of the same boring interview questions you’ve leaned on for years? It’s well-known that there are literally dozens of career websites that advise candidates on how to answer even the toughest interview questions. As you sit across from yet another practiced candidate trying to throw your best interview questions at them, the thought may occur that it’s time to shake things up at little.

Making Interviews More Creative with Fun Questions

One way to do this is by developing a few creative interview questions that will challenge the candidates. In this way, you will better be able to determine who has what it takes to think on their feet and become your future leaders. Read on as we give you four creative interview questions to get the candidate thinking more about their place at your company.

#1 – If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be and how would you change the world?

This can be a great interview question to break the ice with a nervous candidate. It’s creative and demands that the person being interviewed share a glimpse into their values and personality, but in a non-threatening way. Look for candidates who creatively explain their choice in detail and have ideas for supporting an important cause.

#2 – Tell me the person you admire most (dead or alive), and if you had a chance to talk to them what would you ask and why?

An interview question like this begs the candidate to share some personal details about what they admire not only in others, but in themselves. If the candidate chooses someone who reached celebrity status, it can mean that they aspire to greatness too. If the candidate chooses a close family member or friend, they value interpersonal relationships above all.

#3 – Can you reveal to me one secret or random fact about yourself that no one else would believe?

This creative interview question is great to ask because it allows even the shy candidate a chance to share something fun and interesting to you. The candidate may reveal that he or she has a unique talent, which could hint to some skills that they can bring to the table. Or the candidate may talk about a hobby that shows another dimension of their personality that can make them a good fit for the corporate culture.

#4 – What do you think will be the biggest challenge of working here and how do you plan to overcome this?

While it may seem a little on the serious side of things, this creative interview question asks the candidate to think carefully about their motives for wanting to work for your company. Depending on how much research they’ve done about the job at hand and your company, they will give you a basic or detailed answer. Look for candidates who have the tools and methods for adjusting well and handling any problem that comes along in relation to the job and the industry.

To make interviewing more productive and less routine, take the time to add at least one of these creative interview questions into your hiring process. You’ll find interviews less boring and friendlier to candidates who can let their true selves shine in their answers.

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  1. Pam Heward

    Thank you for these great questions. I work with people in Career Transition and encourage them to shift their approach to pursuing the career of their dreams. I believe questions like these will help them get there!!


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