As a job seeker registered with a staffing agency, you may have heard the term thrown around “temp to hire job” a few times. What does this mean and why would you consider an arrangement like this?

Defining Temp to Hire

Temp to hire refers to a job that starts out as a temporary or short-term assignment. It may last a few weeks to a few months. Once the contracted time period comes to a conclusion, the company that has been hosting the contractor can decide one of three things:

  1. To hire the temp worker on permanently.
  2. To extend the contract for a longer period of time.
  3. To release the temp worker and not offer a perm job.

A majority of the time, if a temp worker has done a great job and performed to the expectations of the company – a job offer or contract extension can take place. This is often determined by a few factors, such as the company’s ongoing need for the worker and the performance of the temp. If the company can offer a permanent job, they will often do so as the temp has proven his or her value.

Why is a temp to perm job a good thing for your career?

In many cases, taking a temp to hire job has some very positive aspects for your career growth. This experience can help you develop new skills and work in some exciting new industries, which can propel you to the next level in your career. Here are some reasons why accepting temp to hire opportunities can work in your favor as a career-minded pro.

Access to a wider range of companies in your industry.

Companies in your target industry may not advertise job openings due to the time and cost associated with recruitment – instead opting to hire directly through staffing agencies. If you are looking for a rewarding career opportunity with a leading company, then a temp to hire position will give you access to many more jobs in your region and career interest.

Chance to prove yourself and your value on the job.

When you take a temp to hire job, you will have the chance to impress the company through your hard work and efforts during your contract period. This means when a perm job becomes available you will be one of the first to be considered for perm placement.

Skill building that can lead to a better career.

Some job seekers have limited skills due to being fresh out of college, switching careers, or having been out of the workforce for a while. A temp to hire position can help anyone to build real work skills and experience to add to a career history. Use this as a chance to find out what you enjoy about your career choice and add to your repertoire of skills.

Gather new experiences while you also earn an income.

It’s always a plus to be earning a decent income while you also learn new skills and take on new career challenges. A temp to hire job can help you to accomplish this. Be flexible and accept assignments that may be somewhat outside of your normal work choices. You may find that you will end up being offered a great job with great pay and perks that are far beyond what you would have found on your own.

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