Social media has become a driving force in various daily business activities, including reporting of news and events, sharing the corporate culture, and even recruiting of employees. Businesses also often use their social media accounts to build and broadcast their brands to the public. It does not matter if they are trying to sell products or trying to acquire top talent — those that are skilled at using social media tools use this to their advantage every day of the week.

How can your company use social media to recruit the best candidates? We have that answer for you in this information-packed post.

Provide Followers with a Look Into Daily Life at Your Company

One excellent way to use social media for the recruitment of candidates is to provide your followers with a behind-the-scenes look at daily life at your company. Using social media sites you will be able to provide followers with tours of the building, interviews with your staff, and other information that can help candidates understand what goes on each day at your company.

Share the Culture Proudly

It is very easy for companies to display their culture on their social media pages. When doing this, you can provide candidates with an understanding how what it is like to work at your company, how the employees interact and how the candidates might fit into your current culture. Just look for the organic things that go on every day of the week in your employee ranks for ideas of what to share.

Give Tips for Success at Your Company

Using sites such as LinkedIn, you can provide your candidates with career tips, especially some that coincide with being successful at your company. These tips should include how to write an excellent resume, cover letter and how to ace an interview with your company. This will help candidates feel comfortable when applying to jobs at your company and know where to go for tips when they schedule an interview.

List New Job Openings

Social media should be used to post job openings most of all. When a new job becomes available at your company, use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to advertise those openings. This will help you receive applications from top talent. This is the perfect way to use social media as a recruiting tool.

It might also be a good idea to ask your employees to promote the company on their personal social media accounts, especially when it comes to job openings. When a job becomes available, tell your employees about it and welcome them to post a link to the job advertisement on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. This expands your company’s reach and brings in more candidates for interviews.

If you use various social media sites, try building the networks naturally so your connections remember why they are connected to you. A quality network will be able to find some excellent candidates for you compared to a network built on quantity.

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