While the rest of the US economy is experiencing a slow return to pre-recession job numbers, the temp staffing industry is thriving with many new opportunities. Job seekers who may be struggling to find work in their industries are likely to have better success by taking temp to permanent jobs through staffing agencies. Temp jobs can vary in type and length of contract, but a growing number of companies look to temps as an affordable source of labor. They also look for strong candidates who can prove themselves in temp jobs before hiring them on full time.

If you are looking for a more permanent career solution or you are hoping to switch careers this year, there are several ways to turn a temp job into a perm one. Follow this advice for getting a career off the ground through temping.

Present yourself well from the start of the temp assignment.

From the moment you start your first day on the temp job, the employer is making a determination about you as a good potential fit for a future job. Make it count by presenting a professional image, arriving at your temp assignment on time, always completing tasks, and following instructions.

Be flexible and adaptable for every task and project.

Companies tend to look for employees who can effectively meet their changing needs. Make it your mission to be as flexible as possible about the shifts you work and the projects you take on. Ask for more work if it is within your means to do a good job. Be available and you will be thought of when a perm job offer comes.

Demonstrate you are a true team player.

A lot of candidates say that they work well on a team, but rarely do they actually do this on the job. Why? Temp assignments are looked at as short term work, so some do not realize what they do now and how they integrate with the existing team can affect their chances for a perm job later on. Be sure you are a team player at all times.

Become a go-to source of information.

One way to become a valuable part of the team to be considered for future perm placement is by establishing yourself as information central. Learn all you can about the company, the clients they serve, and the products you work with. Offer to help whenever you can and be a problem solver for your team. By the time your contract nears end, the employer will want to hang onto you.

Express your interest in a perm job.

When you start a temp job that you like, be sure to communicate this to your staffing agency. Let them know you would like them to put in a good word for you in terms of staying on permanently. Also, communicate this to your immediate supervisor on the job site. Staffing agencies have the ability to negotiate perm placement for you once your contract terms are met.

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  1. Donavon L. Walker

    I’m looking for a permanent job.. a career.something that I love to do.. I have been bouncing from job to job.. an I’m really running out of options. I am a military vet. It seems even harder to find work. Denied, unemployment,if u can help . Have a family to provide for. Thanks for your time.


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