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As an employer, you may have already begun experiencing the benefits of working with a temporary staffing agency to secure a great team. However, you may be wondering what you should look for when reviewing the temp resumes that are sent your way during this process. After all, hiring temps is a bit different than hiring someone directly.

Temps often have skills and personalities that make them good at shorter term assignments or suitable for placement on special projects. That’s why it’s important to look for certain qualities on their resumes. Here’s what to look for.

Multiple Career Experiences

While some hiring managers may be concerned with candidates who present resumes that list multiple work experiences, this can be a plus when hiring a temp. Why? If a candidate has had varied career experiences, they’ve learned to be highly adaptable to any work environment. They’ve also learned a lot of new technology and techniques in every role. You want this when hiring a temp.

Favorable Work References

Temps who are ready with written testimonials and references from past employers are those who you want to hire. They’ve taken the time to go beyond just furnishing a standard resume. They really want to come work for you. Give them a chance as these are people who are concerned with career success.

Seeking Something New

You may see candidates who are in the middle of switching career paths, as you review resumes. Look for signs that they are ready for something new and willing to work hard to reach their goals. Adults who have gone back to college, or taken on new types of assignments are ready for a rewarding temp assignment.

Above Average Communication Skills

Businesses need great communicators, especially across multiple mediums. Look for candidates with well-written and organized resumes, as well as those who verbally communicate well in interviews. These are the people who will provide superior communication skills on the job and impress your customers.

Progressive Career Development

Along with candidates who are ripe for a new career experience, look for those who are making strides towards building upon their past career achievements. Read through accomplishments and job titles to see if there is a pattern of growth. Choose candidates to work in temp assignments that you can offer progressive job opportunities at higher levels within your company.

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