Finding work today can be difficult, but it does not have to an impossible task. In fact, many people find that working temporary jobs is better than working full-time jobs. They will be able to meet hundreds of different people every couple of months while staying local to their residence. Temp jobs are just as good for a resume as part-time or full-time jobs because it is work. Employers want to see a work history, no matter what it was.

Do Your Research

Those seeking temporary jobs in MS need to perform as much research as possible. This includes using the Internet to your advantage. Whether you browse the website of the companies or their social media pages, all of this will help you land a temporary job. When you do research, learn as much about the company as possible. Show the employer that you are interested in working for them, not desperate for a job.

Review Your Background

Prior to meeting with a temporary staffing agency representative you need to review your career background. Put yourself through a refresher course so you know what your talents, skills and experiences are without referencing a resume during an interview. By reviewing your background, you will be able to tell the interviewer how your background fits into the job description or requirements of the job.

Print the Job Description

If you have access to a printer, make sure you print the job description found online for the open position that interests you. By having the job description handy when you meet with the temp agency you will be able to compare it with your resume and the skills you have from previous work and education. When employers look to hire temporary workers they want to make sure that the skills of that worker match what is needed for the job almost 100 percent.

Answer Questions about Temporary Work

As with all job interviews, you should be prepared to answer tricky questions. One such question could be “why are you interested in temporary work?” Many companies will want to know the answer to this question so they can determine if you are the right person for the job or not. Your answer could be anything from enjoying temporary work because you like to meet new people to you are trying to find work that might lead to full-time work elsewhere. Be clear on your intentions before accepting temporary work.

Always Follow-Up

If you had an interview with a recruiter for a temporary position, be sure to follow-up with that person to relay your interest in the position and the company. This will let them know that you truly are interested and will show your dedication to the company. Also, if you recently worked on a project that the company needs experience for, send the company that project so they can get a feel for your work.

TempStaff is a leading source of temporary part time and full time career opportunities in Jackson MS and surrounding regions. Use this checklist as a guide as you speak with the knowledgeable representatives at our agency. Be sure you understand the requirements and benefits of working as a temp before you take on an assignment.

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