If you are on the prowl for a temporary or even a long term job in Mississippi, then you know that the use of social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are crucial to your success today. Using LinkedIn, you can not only search for companies and jobs online, you can also get in front of more recruiters at the best hiring agencies. The good news is that LinkedIn is relatively easy to navigate and create a profile that can help you stand out as a job seeker in your profession. Here’s how to build your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Focus on your professional brand message. As part of your LinkedIn profile, you will essentially be developing a professional brand for yourself. Make sure you answer the following questions in your profile. (1) What’s your professional story? (2) How can you add value to others?
  2. Mark your LinkedIn account as interested in job offers. One mistake that many job seekers forget is to go into their LinkedIn account settings and check off on the “interested in job offers” section. Take the time to do this now so that recruiters know they can contact you about potential temp and perm jobs.
  3. Include a professional headshot photo. Image is everything, and this is certainly true when it comes to a well-designed social media profile. Take the time to upload a professional head shot photo of yourself to your LinkedIn account. If you don’t have one, use a recent passport photo or get in touch with a business photographer in your area to schedule a career session.
  4. Add a powerful personal statement. One of the first things that a recruiting company will see when they visit your profile, along with your photo, is your personal statement. Do some research into your targeted career market in MS to discover the keywords that companies are searching when finding candidates. Work them into a concise personal statement about your value.
  5. Benchmark yourself against your peers. How do you stack up as compared to others in your field? We suggest you take some time to search for others in your career market and find ways to stand out. Even if you have little work experience, leverage your strengths and keywords in your descriptions. Highlight your achievements, awards, and credentials in your LinkedIn profile.
  6. Add your past positions for at least 10 years. According to LinkedIn’s most recent updates for career seekers, “LinkedIn profiles that list past positions are 12 times more likely to be reviewed by hiring managers and are 6 times more likely to receive new business opportunities.” However, don’t set it up in as much detail as your resume. Instead, summarize each position you’ve held as relevant to your temporary job search.
  7. Increase your influence through content. Your LinkedIn profile will look better and continue to gather attention from others when you increase your circle of influence with great content. What is this content? Share your online career blog, new projects or assignments, and links to news and articles in your field.
  8. Gather recognition and recommendations. While you work to improve your LinkedIn profile as a job seeker, also focus on getting your peers to recommend you for your skills. LinkedIn helps this, but you can also ask your network to provide recommendations and offer them to others too. Share interesting content, comment on others’ in groups, and become part of something greater.

Remember, once you have polished your LinkedIn profile as a temporary job seeker, develop your networks and add friends. Share your ideas, you job search journey, and your expertise with others every opportunity you have. Add your LinkedIn profile to your resume, invite recruiters to check it out, and include sharing this profile to all your online job search activities. If you are looking for job agencies in Jackson MS, contact us today.

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