If you are in charge of recruiting new employees for your company, it is a considerable responsibility. While candidates might look great on paper and even in the interview process, it can be difficult to decide if you have chosen the right person for each assignment.

There is no crystal ball to determine with 99.9 percent certainty that a new hire will work out every time. However, it helps to have a recruiting plan that takes you from posting the job advertisements and screening candidates to identifying which candidate is the best one for the position at hand. Here are some tips to help you with this process.

Define the Job Clearly

It all starts with your job listing. The job requirements and duties must be clear, concise and as detailed as possible. Format the listing in a way that helps job seekers find all the most important bullet points they need to know before applying. You will know if a candidate has read the job listing clearly when they apply, as they will fit most the specifications you listed. Be detailed in exactly what the job is and what qualities you are looking for in a candidate.

Develop a Recruiting Method

To make it easier finding the best candidate for an open position, create a recruiting method or checklist for every assignment. This is going to help for all future positions you are trying to fill. The method should be a complete process that details how and where you will list the position, what the pay and benefits are, and tips for anyone else in your company whom is assisting with the recruiting process. Keep this recruitment method as an internal guide to guarantee all candidates are handled fairly and consistently.

Create a Priority List

When it comes time to look through applications and resumes, and start interviewing, make a priority list to narrow down the stack of responses you’ve received. This will help you go from 100+ resumes to just a handful of them of people you feel are right for the job. The list can include anything you feel is important, such as their education and background, their career history, if they have the technical skills required, even things like their location – any indicators that have been shown to be successful with past hires for your organization.

Review Candidate Credentials

While the application and resume may look flawless, you still want to verify the credentials of every candidates. Make sure they really did attend and graduate from the college they have listed on their resume. Take the time to call their professional and personal references. If they ask that you do not reach a previous employer, consider why that might be? Really delve deep into each candidate’s resume to look for gaps in employment, odd dates or assignments that seem out of place, or over-inflated achievements.

With these tips in mind, you will be on your way to finding the perfect candidate for every open assignment. Remember to look through candidate credentials clearly and always pre-screen, instead of just going based on your instincts. Use candidate assessments to verify work skills, and take the time to check the backgrounds of all candidates before bringing anyone on board.

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