The way you train your employees defines how successful they will be for you now and for years to come. Your employees are your biggest asset and you invest a significant amount of time and money into them. As a result, it pays to ensure your employee training program provides for everything that employees want and need to be successful. When you provide effective training, you ensure employees will remain with you long term.

Consider the following tips and methods for improving employee training to ensure you give your staff the very best ability to succeed.

#1 – Create a Positive, Learning-focused Workplace

It is critical to ensure that training starts the first day and that the workplace itself is a positive place to be from day one. You want employees to learn, but you also want them to feel confident about their position and about stepping foot into this company. You also don’t want training to end with a week or even a month. Rather, ongoing training should be something you provide to your employees.

#2 – Teach the Company’s Values

Though you may teach your team how to run a machine or how to interact with customers, many company’s fail to teach the new staff member what the company’s values and missions are. If you are not providing you want to ensure your company’s goals and values come through because the employee needs to emulate these to customers. Start teaching this company culture from day one.

#3 – Don’t Focus on One Area

One of the mistakes some companies make is training employees to do one job. When that happens, you lose the ability to move people around and you lose the flexibility that comes with that. Rather, focus on cross-training. The more tasks each person knows how to do, the more likely you are to find those who are most efficient in one area or another. Additionally, it can help with retention because it keeps people happy and ensures they are growing personally within the company.

#4 – Incorporate Mentors

Mentors are a growing trend in many industries because they work. When you team up a new person with someone who will not only teach them the actual job they need to do, but also show them around and be their go-to person, you create an all-important bond. The individual is able to work directly with this person and instantly feels comfortable asking questions. Mentors help with the onboarding process.

#5 – Recognize Results

Once that new person is on the job and doing well, recognize his or her results. If you focus only training the individual and then putting him or her in a cubicle to perform, you give the individual a lack of attention. You also lose the ability to really retain that individual. Making recognition of a job well done a part of the company’s culture.

Your training program should be effective and thorough. If people are not making it on the floor, it may not be who you are hiring. Rather, it may be that your training program isn’t working for you. Contact the top job recruiters in Jackson MS, TempStaff, to learn more about attracting top candidates and employee onboarding.

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