Building a talent pipeline allows you to have job candidates for new positions before they become available. It is a great way to create a more efficient method of hiring new employees, by always having talented individuals waiting for the next open position. This lowers the amount of time it takes to find new employees and gives you a smoother overall hiring process. Here are some things to know about building a talent pipeline.

Utilize Technology

Use technology to your advantage when you start developing a talent pipeline and recruitment strategy. Become familiar with what technology your talent candidates are using. Are you trying to appeal to smartphone and tablet PC users? How about social media? By understanding the technology they use, you can then use that information to your advantage to find the best candidates for future positions.

Brand Your Company

Start expanding your company and employment brand. Your company should have proper branding throughout the Internet and locally, including social media and attending local events. When you start getting your company brand out there, your employment brand is soon to follow. Current employees start providing feedback for how they enjoy working for you, and you can attend career fairs locally to get the word out about your recruitment strategies.



Have a Recruitment Webpage

Traditionally, finding prospective employees required you to create a job announcement on job boards. The problem is these have a limit of 2 weeks or less and they are costly, making it a temporary solution. For a consistent talent pipeline, you need to have a webpage on your website where you do recruiting. Every time someone visits your website to learn more about your company, they have easy access to applying for jobs and submitting their resumes. Or you can simply work with a staffing agency with a strong web presence, to handle incoming candidates.

Define Each Position

To improve your hiring process and make it easier once you need to hire someone from your talent pipeline, clearly define each position at your company. It doesn’t matter if it’s a warehouse, administrative or managerial position, have a detailed job description. This include the title, expected salary, job duties, and what attributes you’re looking for in someone who will fill this role.

Enhance Community Resources

Community resources are important when you’re building a talent pipeline. This includes everything from being more involved with your local community, to building your presence on social media networks. You want to start networking and building a community of people. Additionally, create resources for your current employees to help you recruit new prospects for the talent pipeline through a substantial referral program.

With these tips in mind, you will soon have an effective way to hire new recruits. You should always be adding more people to the talent pipeline, so that when a position opens us, it gets filled quickly. If you are looking to find top candidates in the Jackson MS area, contact the staffing experts at TempStaff today.

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