The business world has been transformed by a rise in a focus on social strategy. The world’s largest companies are turning more and more to social avenues for sharing information and marketing purposes. This comes as no surprise as many people are actively engaged online through social networks, community forums, and online associations. It makes sense then that your approach as a manager should include a more social era strategy.

Developing a Social Leadership Strategy

To begin to develop your social strategy as a manager, it’s important to understand the origins of this shift in values. During the industrial age, the ability to be productive was held to higher standards than the human element. After a period of time, managers began to use methods to drive production and efficiency, based on standards established by the most productive nations.

As the Internet was established, people began to connect again on a more human level. This global shift has created the need for human beings to communicate more freely with each other, through a variety of mediums and technology. Now the human element has come back into focus, with information being shared at breakneck paces around the world.

In order to develop a more social strategy, as a manager, it’s important to understand that people, your people, are looking to you to set the standards of this communication and connection. This means taking the time to review how your employees prefer to communicate their ideas, their goals, and their frustrations. A good manager understands that open communication is part of a social strategy.

Find methods of enhancing your social strategy by exploring different ways of connecting and communicating. Allow your staff to speak freely and use their creative sides more. Encourage all team members to share responsibility for the success of the community as a whole. Accept change and expect this as a part of the process.

Once you understand and embrace the social nature of your employees, you can then begin to work within this new strategy to build strong teams. Your teams will become more efficient and thus your management ability will be elevated. Look to TempStaff to provide your company with social candidates who work well within a social structured organization.

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