As a manager, have you ever stopped to think what your actual priorities should be? Outside of maintaining order and compliance with corporate policies and procedures, it’s up to you to lead your employees though some tough things. Yet, for many managers this seems like the impossible task.

Being an effective manager means having the right set of priorities, coupled with your unique ability to lead. But, what are these priorities? Let’s take a look at what it takes to be a great manager, starting with your priorities.

Priority #1 – Respect

As a manager, this may seem foreign to you at first, but respect should be at the very top of your list of priorities. If your team has respect for each other, if you demonstrate respect for your employees, and everyone has respect for the company – your team can excel. Lead by example and show that you respect all your team members, and they will return the favor.

Priority #2 – Trust

In order to be a great manager, you must build a team that has complete trust for each other at all times. This means you also have to extend the olive branch and show that you trust your employees to do a good job on each project. Being in control is not the way you want to approach management, but instead being the leader of a team of trusted professionals should be your priority.

Priority #3 – Community

Your next priority as a manager is to develop a sense of community with your staff. This very often takes planning and a commitment to more than just tasks at hand. All team members need to have downtime to get to know each other, develop rapport, and form collaborative relationships. Schedule regular meetings and team building events outside of the workplace to foster this sense of community and the greater good.

As your management skills improve, you will find that the above priorities will come naturally to you. To build a great team means honoring your priorities and the people who work for you. Build your team with support of TempStaff’s options for temporary and contract employees.

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