Your temps are keeping your business running. Perhaps you have found that some of them are very good at their job. They are the type of workforce you want to have. Many temporary workers are doing their job at a high level, often with the hope of moving into positions that are more permanent. What should you do to pay your temps the right amount so that they stay with you? How can you pay them fairly while still maintaining your bottom line?

Pay the Right Salary Rate

One of the best ways to determine if you are paying enough is simply to determine what a professional working full time in the position would earn. Most position’s have annual wages available in salary databases available through companies like PayScale. Use that annual figure, divided by 2080 (the number of hours most full time employees work per year) to determine the hourly rate. How do you stack up?

Using Income to Motivate

It is also important to place some incentive in the payment of individuals to get them to do a great job for you, rather than just the basics. Good performance equates to higher pay. Provide incentives for individuals who perform above the mark. Of course, you need to set standards for this in advance and ensure it is fair across the board.

Ensure Accountability Is a Component

Next, consider accountability. Ensure anyone brought into the position is fully aware of the goals and expectations set. This includes the timeframe for completion of any task. Think of these types of workers are project-based employees and pay them bonuses or additional compensation when they exceed the standards set. If they complete the task ahead of time, at a quality level, pay them a higher rate for doing so.

Making Perks a Part of the Process

It is also a good idea to look at perks in a positive manner. This means offering the on-site benefits employees want like gyms, daycare centers, and even on-site cafeterias. These small things do not affect just one person but the entire team. They encourage people to stick around and to do their best.

As an employer, it is a good idea to constantly keep the lines of communication open. Use this communication to help you to determine what employees want to maintain their high standards within your company. Do not overlook even the smallest of things. Determine what they desire and find a way to offer it.

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