The summer months can be a real challenge for employers who are competing with summer vacation plans, employees heading to college, and a lack of skilled candidates to maintain staffing numbers during a busy season. Yet, there are some ways to provide perks that will help keep your employees happy and productive throughout the summer and beyond. This requires a greater understanding of what employees want from their bosses this summer.

What Employees Want in the Summer

Here is a list of the top 5 things that employees desire in the summer months.

  1. Flexibility  – A number one goal in human resource management is to provide the means for more work-life balance through flexible scheduling options during the summer. This is to help accommodate the needs of working parents and grandparents who have kids off from school, summer sports programs to go to, and family vacations.
  2. Incentives – The summer can be a tough time for many employees due to other family commitments and the hot and humid weather. To make your summer staffing efforts easier, plan some incentives to give employees a boost.  These can be linked to company events or performance goals.
  3. Skill-Building – Many employees feel the need to enhance their work skills, so offering on the job training and skill building activities is a plus. Take the time to identify some employees who are experts in their jobs and have them teach lunch and learns. Or bring in speakers to teach uplifting topics.
  4. Recognition – What all employees want from their bosses is recognition for the hard work and personal sacrifices they make daily. This is a task that all good managers should take on with gusto during the summer when the heat can frustrate employees. Take the time to regularly praise and recognize your employees, especially in front of their peers.
  5. Celebration – The summer is the time to plan some fun for your employees. Take time to celebrate achievements and recognize the people who work hard for you all year long. Plan some company events that include all your employees.

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