Today’s job market can be more than a little intimidating to the average college graduate. You’ve probably heard horror stories about how entry-level positions that were once ripe for new grads are quickly being taken by over-qualified people who are experienced and desperate enough for work to go back to the thankless long hours and low wages most entry-level positions provide.

That doesn’t mean you need to dust off your name tags and practice saying “would you like fries with that?” with a smile. In fact, there is good news available if you’re in the market for a job—even in today’s economy. What’s that you ask? It only takes one!

What does that mean?

No matter how many dozens or even hundreds of “no’s” you get along the way, it only takes one “yes” to launch your career. Getting your foot in the door is always the hardest part. You might have to think, and act, a little creatively in order to present yourself as a better candidate for the job than someone who has some degree of experience in your field.

How do you accomplish this task?

Present new ideas. Market yourself as someone who is full of fresh ideas and who can make the latest technology work in your favor. The modern workplace is evolving at a pace much faster than ever before. Make sure you let employers know you can take advantage of the latest technology and make it work for you, and them.

Be Flexible

Understand that new positions are being created all the time to accommodate the changing needs of the modern workplace. The positions you’re offered may not have been part of your initial five-step career plan, but they are better than hoping and praying for the next one to come along. It’s not about simply being flexible in the tasks you’re asked to do, but also in the jobs you’re willing to take and the roles you’re willing to play in the modern labor force.

Focus on the Positive

A foot in the door is one step closer to your ultimate career goals—even if it might not feel that way at first. Your biggest challenge is getting the first job. Once you have the job you can prove to the company that your time and talent may be better spent elsewhere. You start with the job you get and then work your way into the one you want. Stay positive and willing to prove yourself. The right attitude will take you places the best resumes never will.

Ultimately, the right job could always be one application away. You’ll never get it if you give up the search. Keep applying for the jobs you want even if you feel like you have to settle for now. There’s nothing that says the efforts you make today to find the job you really want won’t pay off one year or even further down the road.

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