Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, as a business, in order to offer perks that will net you a great deal of good will with current and prospective employees. In fact, some people will give up higher pay in a job in order to receive a select set of perks from the employer. The trick lies in finding the perfect combination of low cost perks that are a good match for the corporate culture you’re attempting to build. Here are a few great options that will cost your company little, if any, money to implement.

Company Movie Days

Most companies have projection equipment that plays DVDs. Consider offering movie days once a month or even once a quarter if certain criteria are met. You can really go big by bringing in a popcorn machine and offering popcorn and soda along with the movie viewing experience. If you don’t have the proper viewing equipment on the premises, consider purchasing bulk tickets for a showing at the local theater.

Corporate Holiday Parties

If you really want to improve morale and inspire more than your fair share of good will with employees, invite them to bring family along with them to these parties. Don’t save this one for Christmas alone. Your employees may really enjoy a barbecue for the Fourth of July (Labor Day or Memorial Day too), a ghoulish Halloween gathering, or even a Thanksgiving dinner where you show your employees and their families how thankful you are, as an employer to work with dedicated people such as these.

Flexible Work Hours

Many companies are coming around to this way of thinking. If your business isn’t one that relies on warm bodies in the seat to answer phones and be there for walk-in customers, then it’s a good idea to consider offering flexible work hours as long as your employees are putting in the required 40-hour work week. Some will prefer to work four ten-hour days, others will want to work earlier in the day, and others may prefer to work eight hours in the day with a later start time. Decide your own parameters and give your employees a little flexibility with their schedules.

Bring in a Masseuse

While this might seem like an expensive proposition at first glance, you don’t have to cover all the cost alone. In fact, you can let the employees pay for the services if they want them and simply provide the location. It’s up to you how to work this particular perk, but there isn’t a business around that couldn’t benefit from a little, occasional, stress relief.

You don’t have to make bold, budget altering moves for your business to attract talented people to work from you. All you need is to find the right perks to provide the biggest bang for your limited buck.

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