As a business leader, you may be wondering if it’s worth the time to blog for your business purposes? Blogging is part of a strategy that many businesses use to get the word out about offerings and updates, as part of a sound marketing campaign. However, blogs can also be used for connecting with both clients and potential candidates. So, the answer to this question is “Yes, if you understand how to manage your corporate blog.”

Tips for Successful Business Blogging

  1. Establish a professional looking blog on your own hosted domain. Instead of a freebie blog creator or a dull looking content system in the company website, establish a professional looking blog on your own hosted domain. This is relatively simple to do using WordPress software. Then create content that is specific to your business, such as your company logo, information about your company, and posts that talk about your corporate culture.
  2. Plan your blog posts with an editorial calendar. One of the common concerns when business blogging is learning how to come up with relevant posts on a regular basis. This can be accomplished by developing a plan for how and when you will post, as well as topics that can highlight your business. Create an editorial calendar using a simple system, and write posts ahead of time to have plenty of material.
  3. Develop networks by sharing information on your blog. The point of blogging is to share information and build social networks. These can help you to create a branded presence for your business and get you in front of more people – so you can be an influencer. Take the time to respond to blog comments, share links to others who compliment your efforts, and partner with guest blog posters to build your blog.
  4. Track the results of your company blog. The whole point of any social media effort is to gather positive feedback and create awareness of your company. A blog offers the ideal environment in which to do this as you can see the actual results of your efforts over time. Get to know your blog analytics well, and use peak times to roll out promotions and new information.

As a whole, blogging for business can be an enjoyable way to spread the word about your business, attract new clients and future employees. Use blogging to your advantage and see for yourself all the benefits of this medium.

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