Many people are unaware that the best time to start a new job search is when they already have a job. It seems counter-intuitive to a large degree. But, it’s true. In a perfect world, the job you have would be all the job you’ll ever need. But the long ago days of working for one company from the time you graduate college until the day you retire are relics of the past.

Some people must switch jobs in order to really advance in their career over time. But, if you have a job now; it’s in your best interest to keep that job until you have the next one. With this in mind, here are a few things you need to consider during your job search while employed.

The Way You Treat the Job You have Says a Lot about Your Character

It may not be the job you dreamed of having. You may view this job as a stepping stone to the next job down the road. However, the way you conduct yourself while working at this job will say a great deal about you to future potential employers.

Even though you’re looking for new employment it’s important that you give your best effort to the job you have now while you’re on their clock. Don’t send out resumes from company computers. Don’t conduct follow up phone calls from the company phones – or on company time. If it’s something that must be done during normal working hours, use your lunch hour or other break times in order to make the important phone calls.

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

Depending on your reasons for wanting to leave the job you have, it may be tempting to scream your intentions from the mountaintops. That isn’t going to win you any loyalty from coworkers or the administration within your company organization. What it may do is bring about some fairly hard feelings and cause issues that jeopardize your continued employment.

Don’t Get in a Hurry

A sense of urgency can be useful at times. But, when it’s time to start sending out resumes in search of the perfect job for you; it isn’t time to rush things. This is when you want to take your time and do a little homework and digging about each and every company you’re considering going to work for.

Knowledge is power and you always want to approach your job search from a position of strength rather than weakness. The last thing you want to do is come across as desperate to a potential employer.

Remember that your goal in finding a new job is to place yourself in a better or more attractive employment situation and not to take the first thing that comes along. Keep this in mind throughout your job search and the various interviews you’ll go through. This will help keep you grounded so that you’re certain you really are going to find greener pastures once you leave your current job.

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