During the interview process, many times candidates feel tense and overwhelmed. This is often exasperated unintentionally by HR managers who are pushed for time and resources, trying to find a suitable candidate. However the case may be, it’s very important that all candidates are made to feel comfortable before, during and after an interview. This sets the stage for successful onboarding of new hires and helps to attract a better pool of available candidates through word of mouth referrals from your associates.

Here is some advice for helping keep candidates comfortable during the interview process.

  1. Assign a personal greeter on the day of the interview. Whether you are to interview one or many candidates, make sure there is one designated person to provide a personal greeting and tour of your company on the interview day. Smile and greet each candidate warmly by name, provide a brief overview of the company, then settle in for the interview meeting after the candidate has warmed up a bit.
  2. Make staff introductions immediately. No matter if you choose to hire this candidate or not, be sure to use proper business etiquette and make the person feel comfortable with prompt introductions of your current team. This is especially critical if you plan to bring the candidate into an existing team structure. In addition to names, briefly give a description of each person’s role in the organization.
  3. Give the candidate an overview of what to expect. Before you dive into the meat and potatoes of the interview, let the candidate know what the interview process will entail and who he may expect to talk with. Take the time to allow the candidate to warm up to you by opening up with a few non-threatening ice breakers. Ask the candidate how he found out about your company, if he had an easy time finding your office, what his first impression has been so far, and if you can get him a beverage.
  4. Allow time for candidate response and questions. During the interview itself, give the candidate plenty of time to ask relevant questions and make thoughtful responses to your questions. Don’t rush the candidate; instead provide time for the candidate to formulate responses. Remember, that an interview can be highly intimidating for most people.
  5. Provide next step instructions for the candidate. At the conclusion of the initial interview, it’s always better to provide candidates with guidance on what to expect next. Advise the candidate if you will be calling him in for a second interview, checking his background, or allowing for a follow-up call/email to check the hiring status. This can clear  up any awkwardness as you personally escort your candidate out of the building.

Interviews do not have to be stressful or uncomfortable for you or your candidates. If you follow the above steps, you will be a more effective interviewer, and you can expect a more positive response from your candidates.

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